Monday, 18 October 2010

18th October 2010

Time is flying already. I've been at work in the special school for a full week tomorrow, even though it feels like I've lived and worked here forever, I can't believe how fast it's gone. Everyday brings something new. The rain has stopped .. not to sure whether I'm to pleased with it to be honest, the sun is melting me alive. ;)
The Special school is brilliant. I love it there. The teacher's are all amazing and I grow closer to these children every single day. I know they always say "don't select favourites" but obviously I have a stronger connection to some more than others, funnily enough it's the reall trouble makers that I've become quite close too.
On Tuesday a big group of us went to St Andrews Kindie to do some prep work, ie; sanding everything, as we're going to give the place a paint job. Which was fun!!
On Wednesday I experienced the first fire dance show at Smugglers, quite impressive I must say! As are a few of the dancers bodies. Haa! I also went to the famous 'Ed's Bar' where some of the other volunteers played pool with a few of the fire dancers. While the others watched a prostitute do her moves on a pole. Nice!
I think Thursday was the first day that I felt totally comfertable in school and was able to pluck up the courage to be more strict with the children, even the older/bigger blokes. Some of which, don't know their own strength I tell you!! In the evening I sat for (probably too long!) drinking Kava with my host family and some friends. I slept well/ish though.
Friday was my first night out. I partied Fiji style. Didn't get home till 6:45am on Saturday morning apparently. Wey! When Pei asked me, I said I wasn't really quite sure, then Rosa told me she'd heard me come in when she got up for a shower. Tehe. I'm pretty sure it was a crazy mental night though, from what I remember! :D
Saturday I slept through my alarm so I missed the bus to the mud baths, so instead hung out with Anne and had a splendid pasta dinner in her new pad.
Sunday; Headed to Hilton with Anne and a few other volunteers to soak up some sun. Life can be such a chore.
Today I did my morning in the Special School and was introduced to my new class in the Muslim school which I'll be teaching three afternoons a week for a bit. They will be my first lot of children who I'll do the Health and Safety course with. :)

I can't attach photo's to my blog or emails in Fiji, for some strange reason but I've uploaded a few onto my facebook so if you don't have an account, maybe you can look at them through somebody else's account? Hope I'm not boring you all! ;P

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  1. It sounds incredible Gwenny! God, I am so happy you're finally there. You deserve it!! So proud of you hen!
    Sharshar. (L)


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