Saturday, 30 October 2010

30th October.

Everything is set for my Health and Safety course and I'll be starting it on Monday. I'm actually incredibly nervous. My first class, in the Muslim school will be 40/42 students. All to myself, yay! I'm really looking forward to it though. I can't wait to see the result and award them their certificates. I've made up the little exam test for the end of it and have got different things printed of for them to do excercises with. I've also thought of activities for them to do, to make it more fun, and as I'm an active learner myself, hopefully the message will stick for longer.
As for the Centre for Special Education - I haven't been there all week, due to me falling ill last Sunday. I miss them terribly, its crazy how fast people can make an impact on your life. Thinking about me by the time I have to leave them for good is horrible. I feel like I'm achieving more and more with them each day and they're also teaching me, everyday. I adore the teachers there so much, they're brilliant! Mark's gone now though ... :(

Last Sunday, I did my first Island trip to Monuriki, which is where Castaway was filmed. It was stunning! I went snorkelling and found Nemo! He head butted my goggles. We also stopped by on this small Island, in the middle of nowhere, more so than Fiji, where there was actually a small village and people living there! They had a Library, a school, church and their houses. Their only source of water was the rain ... It was incredible, I don't know how else to put it. Instead of walking around the whole village with everybody, I tried to communicate with the kids there. It was hard, as their English is poorer than that of the kids on the main land, but I managed to get through and I ended up playing with 15-20 of them for a good 30 minutes. We played 'catch' piggy in the middle' and tried football. All of this we played with an empty plastic coke bottle. Yet, I don't see I've seen kids that happy. It was heartwhrenching leaving them behind. However, this beautiful day, that's going to stick in my mind forever, ended, I guess typically for me. After getting pretty badly sunburnt which lead to sun-stroke which lead to a Migrain - which lead me to going half blind! But I'm okay, it was a fun experience and the Doctor here knows me already, which makes me feel even more at home. ;) It was a littl frightening, as they were giving me pretty heavy medicine, saying stuff that I knew was wrong but I wouldn't want to be anywhere else in the world. Other than that, my last week has been spent in bed, sleeping off the medication and as the doctor told me to do "stay out of the sun" - I did point out it was going to be incredibly hard because I'm in Fiji at which he laughed, stopped shortly, and very bluntly told - "stay inside." Nice man! :D


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