Sunday, 7 November 2010

7th November.

The longer I'm here, the words to write about this place decrease. No matter what I write or what I say, doesn't give the Island justice. I guess I'll start with; Monday .. First day up again. The kids and teachers were so happy to see me and I them. I didn't make the full day, so I missed the Muslim School. The sun is to intense. Tuesday; I headed into work but only got to town before I face planted myself onto the pavement out of the bus due to me conveniently fainting, due to my headaches. It was embarrassing, but I got over it pretty fast. I make it in Wednesday and get invited to lots of Diwali dinners - which I am so so glad I got to be here for. Fairy lights everywhere, all the houses are lined with beautiful fairy lights. I went to celebrate it in town with my host mum and sister, along with my room mate and another volunteer. It was bizare. A part of the main road had been shut off the last few days and there was a stage where various people performed different things. I "met" the Fijian Prime minister there. There was also a big fire work show and heap of food and pretty looking Indian woman in Saaris. Its all I can write right now, I've gone mind blank, there's to much on my mind to be able to concentrate long enough to write it all down. Atleast you know roughly, what I've done in the last week. Tomorrow I go to the Muslim school again and start, properly, with the Health & Safety course. Excited! I also go to the Radisson with Ella tomorrow and cheer on our new friends, as they start a new contract and fire dance there.

Bula. <3

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