Friday, 3 December 2010

3rd December

Time keeps flying by here and I can hardly keep up. I failed a little on the weekly blog. The problem is there is so little time to sit down and actually think straight and write everything up. I can hardly keep up with each passing day. The last week has been party, party, party and christmas crafts as the schools are closed for summer vacation now. It was my last day at the Special School today and I had my final farewell lunch which the teachers held for myself and three other volunteers who are alo leaving in the next couple of weeks. Full on Indian food, super spicy! Saying goodbye was one of the most painful things. The last few days and evenings with them have been so much fun.
Bula Festival is all up and running again as the rides and stalls had to be taken down due to the cyclone warning we got given. It never happened!! Not even a frickin chair got blown over. It just built up for three weeks, raining, continiously but ended up with nothing! I have to say I was very disappointed. I guess its a good thing nowhere flooded though. A few years back Nadi had it pretty bad and you could swim along the high street, fancy that! Anyway, its all running again and the festival will just finish a little later this year. I've found another group of lovely locals to drink kava with at the end of all the stalls. :)
This weekend I will go up to the mountains and Waterfalls with the dancers as they have a show there. I'm very gratful because I was dying to go up there but due to my card being blocked and being skint I haven't been able to do much so being able to go as part of the family with them for free is super super kind of them! I'm excited to move in with them all on Wednesday but at the same time I really don't want to leave my family.
I think that's everything up to date!

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