Thursday, 23 December 2010

Bula, Bula! Time has come and gone already. Just like that Fiji has past me by already. I don't know where to start to sumarise my placement there. I obviously didn't write as many blogs as I had planned but then again, the internet wasn't great and I had to much to do and to little time to waste on the internet. I can honestly say that I did not expect what I got out of this trip. I'll try break this down as best as I can. This is going to be a looong blog though. Grab some coffee and snacks if you're going to read it all. ;) I should start off with my family...
I didn't have a younger sister before Fiji and I left the Island with two. Jackie and Tara have got to be two of the most precious little girls in the world. They are so dear to me. No matter what I write about them, words won't give my "host" family justice. Words won't give anything in Fiji justice but there you go. The family have been more than incredible to me. I love every single member with all of my heart. My room mate and me were incredibly lucky to be placed in the 35 Northern Press Rd. My "host" daddy is one of the most interesting people I've met. He was full of interesting new things to tell me and talk about from my first evening there. My "host" mami and me clicked pretty fast and got on so well. I miss her like crazy, I have so many good memories with her. I could talk to her about everything! My dads daughter and son came across from Australia too and there was two more siblings to add to my family. They're brilliant too, so much fun. I just wish I could of spent more time with them. Not forgetting to mention Tau and Tara again, who left back to Suva a few weeks after my arrival. I miss them but they along with the rest of my family will always have a space in my heart and memories.
Nadi Special School - Wow, where do I begin with this place... The school had me captured the minute I met my class and they all repeated "Madame" back to the main teacher Andrew. There smiles were so big and it didn't take them long to all introduce themselves and chat to me. It only took a few hours after finishing work for me to miss the kids. I loved the work I did with them, even though I would of liked to do more, it was one of the most rewarding things I have done and probably ever will. It is so rewarding working with children with special needs. I know now that I definitely don't want to be a teacher, not that it was ever an idea for me. It is very challenging, especially in a foreign country when some of the kids can't speak let alone hear you. The teachers were a great brunch too, super friendly, very approachable and I can't wait to go back and visit the school on my return to Fiji. A supermarket/mall branch line in Fiji called Jacks, sponsored a end of term party in Hard Rock Cafe Fiji for the school. It was so much fun and the kids loved it! I'm so grateful to them for organising it. Its great that the kids get to do these things.
The volunteers.. We were an awesome bunch! Even though I didn't actually end up spending so much time with them in the end, they made a huge impact on my stay there. The crazy nights at Eds, Ice, Smugglers and the afternoons at the pools in Denarau *sigh* .. lets say, close to nothing can compare to them, so thank you!
Saving the best till last ;) My KAUNAHOGA - I'll try my best not to cry when I type this bit ...
Where. On. Earth do I start with you lot? You made my stay in Fiji. You introduced me to the locals and the culture. You helped me ground and find myself. You made me the happiest I have been in my life as far back as I can remember, and I haven't been pretty damn happy before! Leaving you, the Blue House, The Kava Shop, Namaka and the beautiful Island of Fiji was the hardest thing I have done in my life. It was more painful than anything I've ever felt. I'm not entirely sure what it is that had you guys make such an impact on me but you will all be in my hear forever. Even though I sucked, dancing with Tafag Hanua at Smugglers on that Wednesday night is now one of my strongest funnest memories of Fiji and I'm honoured to say I had the chance to do that with you boys. The kava sessions and the songs you sung during them are whats dearest to me. The feelings that came with them and that come back when I think about those times are overwhelming and they fill my whole body. The peanut butter, the kavuru's.. the egg plan, Fiji Bitter, Taki! I could go on forever but this blog is already a long one.
I love you all. I love you Fiji. You are my home now. Everyone is born somewhere, brought up somewhere but there comes a point in life when you go out and find your own home, whether thats where you were born and brought up or further out. The Fiji Islands happens to be where I have found myself and where I have found comfort, where I've found home. I'll return as soon and as often as I can untill I can move over forever.
Vinaka, Faiaks'ea.


  1. Gwen, you're a wondeful writer... I feel sad for you to be back here now, lol. It all sounds so amazing. Not going to let you go back though. :P
    Rubixcube loves you to much! xox

  2. This was quite a read. Very moving. I can tell how much your time there meant to you and I am so proud of you Gwen.

  3. Lovely. Just Lovely. Making this has made me happy happy happy.

  4. This just sounds like you had such a good time. I wish you the best of luck in getting back out there as soon as possible my dear! Take me with you, I want to go too now, hehe.


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