Saturday, 15 January 2011

Peaceful, Easy, Feeling ..

Do you ever wonder how people pereive Beauty?

Is Beauty something like a simple walk in the snow, rain, wind or Sun? Is Beauty a simple gesture of Kindness like a smile from a friend or stranger? Is it a bigger gesture of Love and Affection like a hug, kiss or something more intimate... Is it an object, a plant?

I often ask myself how people choose their perception of what's Beautiful and what's not. Trying to keep my personal perspective out as much as possible I will just quickly add that I can find something like different coloured pieces of washing hanging out to dry in a small Fijian village with the voices of children playing beautiful, or the Elders of the village singing in the Church Beautiful but I can walk out of that village and into town and see a person, a human being and find them "ugly". A Psychology enthusiast I ask myself constantly what makes everyones perceptions of Beauty different? The fact everyones perception of it is different, is Beautiful in its own sense. What triggers us to automatically find something Beautiful or Unattractive though?

Nativists or 'Naturists' believe we're born with certain capacities which determain how we perceive the world in particular ways, these 'ways' develope as we mature. They believe that very little or no learning at all has any impact on our percetion. Empiricits by contrast are 'Nurturists' believing that all our perception, knowledge and abilities are required through experience and learning. Perhaps even if we do not necessarily consider ourselves a 'Nativist' or 'Empiricist' everybodies way of perception strengthens in one of these areas? Naturally, things that maybe trigger a bad memory from the past are going to have a more negative reaction on us than something that triggers a memory that has once brought us joy. But can we learn to see Beauty in something we find Unattractive? Can we learn to Love whom and what we Hate?

Do the women in the Fashion Magazines or any other tabloid articles and pictures force us to think what's Beautiful and not? People are argue that they do, that they brainwash us. But how do they choose what they find Unatrractive and not? What influenced them?

I'd be interested on people's opinions. Comments or Messages. :)

"No object is so Ugly that, under certain conditions will not look Beautiful. No obeject is so Beautiful that, under certain condiotions will not look Ugly." - Oscar Wilde


  1. That's more like it! Keep it up! Really interesting.

  2. Babe, I love it! I love it! I love it! :D

  3. Love you. This is so good for you! x

  4. Ein unglaublich gutes Stück schreiben Gwen!

  5. Great piece. Keep going, keep it up!


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