Sunday, 19 June 2011

Australia - First impressions.

Sheesh. Where to start?

Like any and every Country you enter for the first time, there is so much to take in!

Three weeks down and I have to say, I like Australia very much!
Where I am now is rural as $#@! but it is very very relaxing and knowing that I won't have to stay here for the full six months is very comforting. It makes it all a little easier to deal with. I haven't seen or talked to anyone since I got here... and I've left the rarm property once... Its very very lonely. But, as I have told the family, that I cannot stay the full length of time.. I think this is perfect for me.. I have learnt a lot and had a lot of time to think things trhough and see things clearly.

The family, as such, are FANTASTIC!The kids are three little terrors I'm telling you... Sam, who is 4. Lucy who is 3. Tom who is 2 and Max who is 8 months.. they are a total hand full and all of them are going through a very demanding grumpy stage in life! One day I'm there best friend and the other I'm the wicked witch.. (mainly because I don't give into them screaming and trying to hit me... )
The parents are also great.. within boundries. I'm not sure if the mother realises how much work she is actually asking of me, and how difficult and offensive she can be sometimes. She got really pissed off at me because I folded a jumper up the wrong way.. I've also hung out the washing the wrong way before.. but... she is nice.. I know she means well and she's given me some pretty useful tips on raising kids, as she definitely has her share of experience!
The two dogs, are my new best friends!! Finally, I have my "own" dog. They are huge and bad ass and I lvoe them to bits! Bibs and Buck. I love rugby tackling with them. They usually win.. but ach well! ;)
The property is just stunning... I have my own little flat, which is actually pretty damn big! Its all quaint and wooden, which right now, makes it damn freezing in the night, but a big advantage in the summer when its 40 odd degrees outside. There s nothing around us, for around an hour, at least.. no people, nothing, but flat, dry fields, hectres upon hectres of (now empty) cotton fields, fascinating landscape, trees and kangaroos, nakes and a bunch of exotic birds are frequent visitors un the Garden. And I get to call this my home. It is definitely a part of Australia that most "tourist" just don't get to experience, at least not properly. I am very grateful for my time here but can not begin to explain how damn happy I am to leave here.
I have found a few job options in Darwin in the Northern Territory, which is perfect, as it is one part of Australia I want to travel extensively, I can't wait.
Before that however, I get to explore Sydney, maybe a little around the area, and I also get to go to Fiji. SO things are good, I can't complain. I know I am so lucky to be out here and experiencing this all but I had no idea, how "hard" and alone I would feel out here by myself.

Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive to me, through the last couple of tough weeks. Sometimes I ask myself why the crap I moved away from all of you!?


  1. Beautiful as ever. :)
    Julia xx

  2. Glad to hear you're enjoying yourself. Tell the lady she's breathing all wrong! Love Shipa X x


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