Saturday, 26 November 2011

I would like to start by noting that I do not think I know everything, and that I understand everything that is going on in the world right now, nor will I pretend too.. but I would like to say that I am as eager as I can possibly be to at least try. I am intrigued,drawn in and there is so much that I have to learn and I cannot wait. I believe all these changes are one's for the better. I believe that people are finally opening their eyes and standing up, together. Countries are uniting and even though half of the news we read is not pleasant, and I sorely feel for all the lives that have been lost, I am excited. This change is thrilling. I wish so strongly that I could be experiencing these uprisings and protests from the solid ground where they are happening, watching the news is one thing,but none of us can deny the fact that it is biased.

I am writing this post I think, mainly because these ideas and questions are driving me insane, swimming constantly around my head, but in hope that some of you will read and give me your thoughts, your opinions and share them with me.

I want to start with Syria. What we're seeing is yet another Country which has risen up to stand for its Rights. Over 3500 people have died in this 8 going on 9 month uprising. (according to the UN) That is a lot of lives to have been lost in protests, that actually started off, non violent. How did it escalate to this? How is Bashar al-Assad not reacting to the loss of this many of his peoples lives? Is that maybe a naive question of mine? Again, I won't pretend to understand what the conflict between him and his people are, but I can't help feeling angry at how stubborn he is acting. What does he think he will achieve? Is he afraid? I don't know.. but I want to try and understand, and I have been reading so many blogs, talking to so many people, trying to get as many points of views, to try and understand as much as I possibly can. This is all I have to write now to be honest.. I can't sleep with all of this in my head.. I had to let it out in some shape or form. I just want to say however, that even though I am nowhere near you in body, I stand by the the people of Syria in soul, and besides every other person out there who is stepping up for change.
Please leave comments with your thoughts on the uprisings, the protests or anything you feel like sharing. Links, blogs, videos!

Thank you.


  1. Interesting things Gwen. I hope you will be writing more these.

  2. Thank you Khaled! I think I will be trying to start writing more again. Let me know of your thoughts and opinions! I enjoy reading other peoples blogs and basing my blogs on what have I written, as I have so much to learn.. I never really know what to write. Thanks again for reading. :)

  3. If you read the live blogs from Al Jazeera Gwen, they are very good and the comments can be very very interesting too.

  4. You go to Wordpress..very good activists from all over write their thoughts there.

  5. I won't need a TV soon hon! You're like my news channel. ;) I have absolutely no doubt you'll be writing fluently and freely soon missy, cause you've got it all there, you've just got to dare to express it. I know you can do it!
    lots love!

  6. Aw, Jhonathan! Thanks.

    Also: If anyone reads the comments.. Any particular thoughts on the events happening in Egypt, Yemen.. anywhere?

  7. |Its good you care. We need your generation to care. Keep the enthusiasm up.

  8. Keep these posts coming Gwenny! Can't express how happy I am that you've found something you are so passionate about and then act so strongly on.


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